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Russell Nomer's passion for Cybersecurity began when he was in Junior High School.  Ronald Reagan was still President and Russell's friend's father was an executive with Tempest Printers.  All it took was Russell asking the question, "Why do they call it Tempest?"  The answer resonated with Russell like a James Bond Movie and consequently delivered a life long passion that continues to this day.

Cyber Security Solutions

Russell Nomer Consulting provides pragmatic  cybersecurity leadership and management  solutions. 

Satisfaction Guaranteed

At Russell Nomer Consulting, we are obsessed with delivering value in a manner that rapidly improves the security postures of our clients through tried and true standards of good practice..


Cybersecurity Leadership

Our virtual CISO services are available to help you be at your best while being prepared for the worst.

Advisory Services

Our Advisory services assess everything from governance to risk to incident response.  Our team has decades of experience and stands ready to help you achieve your desired objectives..

Security Services

Whether you are looking to establish an internal or external SOC, build out Incident Response Capabilities, Implement Vulnerability Management, Leverage Threat Intelligence, Conduct Forensics, or Conduct and Penetration Test, we are passionate about delivering what you need when you need it.

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Russell Nomer Consulting, Inc.

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Threat Actors don't wait and neither should you.   If and when you need us, we are just a phone call away.