Star Trek shows us imagination fuels innovation and shapes culture.

Star Trek shows us imagination fuels innovation and shapes culture.

As I sit here contemplating what wisdom to share, I am feeling a sense of nostalgia regarding how it all it began and how a member of my family played a small part in seeing to it that William Shatner became James T. Kirk. Thank you Uncle Ted!

Insights from The Bridge

Gene Roddenberry lived a life that was filled with stories worthy of numerous motion pictures. Yet, he gave us all a wonderful gift in the form of Star Trek. The Enterprise represents so much to so many and it continues to serve across generations. One must wonder whether the technology from the show will continue to inspire additional innovations. Communicators are cell phones. Tri Corders are advanced medical devices. Phasers are arguably advances lasers. Then of course we could discuss AI and talking computer systems like Alexa, who is more than willing to beam you up when you ask her to do so. Virtual reality and augmented reality are early predecessors to the holodeck. One must wonder how long it will be until we can transport matter by scrambling molecules into packets and reassembling them with kinetic precision. Impossible? Wait and see. Who would have thought Bandai would be able to sell an Enterprise for $455? Click on it to see for yourself…

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