Insights from The Bridge

How times have changed. As I write this in May of 2020, I am reminded how 20 years have passed since the Star Trek experience in Las Vegas where I waited in line and paid good money to be able to get a picture on the bridge of the Enterprise.

Now, the same end result can be accomplished in seconds with a few mouse clicks on my MacBook Pro. There is no line, no complaining ex-wife, and I can try as many retakes as I want from the comfort of my Zoom enabled home office.

As Earth still remains wrapped in this Covid19 Pandemic, the world keeps turning. People continue to engage in both good and bad behaviors. The news contains the usual mix of travesty and hope rolled into one global package of chaotic wonder.

Where do we place our attention? Do we focus on the racial tensions, riots, abuse of power and discord? Do we focus on the inept and incompetent Democratic party leadership that has done everything possible to undermine a sitting president? Do we focus on the blatant abuse of power of the Obama administration? Do we focus on the healthcare workers doing everything possible to save lives? Do we focus on the teachers going above and beyond to instill critical thinking in lieu of common core curriculums that produce imbeciles like AOC? Do we focus on the astronauts who give us hope through their brave examples of achieving the greatest heights for mankind? Do we focus on the stories and music produced by the highly paid jesters who exist to distract us from mundane routines? Do we focus on family and friends? Do we focus on being the best version of ourselves? The choices we make have consequences. Between stimulus and response is a space where we make a choice. Make it a good one!